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This beaded necklace has a combination of Lava Rocks with pale green and iridescent blue Labradorites. These natural rocks are attached by a handcrafted blackened silver chain on one side, and by a yellow gold chain with a decorative clasp on the opposite side.

Labradorite healing properties: Calms and energizes imagination.

Lava healing properties: Balances motions and promotes fertility.

Fun to wear and great to stack up with similar beads - like Lava& Druzy or something similar from your own bead collection. Don't forget that length matters with stacking and keep the flow flowing!


  • Lava Rocks, Labradorites, 14k Yellow Gold, Silver.
  • Weight of Gold: 3g
  • Weight: 23.9g
  • Length of Necklace: 27"
  • Lava Rock Size: 5mm x 5mm. Sizes can vary due to the Lava's natural cavities.
  • Labradorite Size: 10mm x 8mm. The top surface has a fine polish with tumbled edges - lapidary craftsmanship makes each stone a unique shape.